Green Initiatives

SWS is committed to hosting environmentally responsible meetings and has selected the Hilton Denver City Center because of the active role this venue takes to incorporate green practices in the facility management.

The Hilton Denver City Center places a great deal of attention on maintaining a clean environment and promoting green practices. Hilton aspires to be the global leader that demonstrates how responsible hospitality management can be a positive force for the environment and create economic opportunities around the world, in the communities where we work and live!

  • Office paper, plastic and glass is recycled
  • Shredded office documents are recycled
  • Uses only post-consumer paper
  • Recycle bins located throughout public space
  • Associate Green Committee
  • ENERGY STAR® certified property
  • Recyclable Box Lunch Program
  • Lights off program at check-in to conserve energy
  • Motion sensor and timed light switches in all offices and storage rooms
  • Sensors and water conserving faucets in all public restrooms
  • Purified water stations in foyer areas
  • Florescent lighting throughout meeting areas
  • In-room guest recycling program
  • Starbucks uses recyclable cups from post consumer paper