Organized symposia proposals will be accepted starting August 15, 2017. The meeting theme, “Wetland Science: Integrating Research, Practice, and Policy – An Exchange of Expertise, ”  will highlight the inter-communication of the most recent developments in wetland science, practice, and policy between the different sectors of SWS. 

Thanks to those who submitted a symposium proposal. Please find a complete list of accepted symposia below: 

  • Arid Wetlands: Conservation Challenges and Research Needs

  • Changing rivers, changing riparian landforms, and their capacity to support healthy ecological communities

  • Coastal Hydrologic Restoration: Informing Program Management through Monitoring

  • Ecological restoration of cranberry farms in Massachusetts - Practice, research, and policy

  • Environmental change and the wetland sediment archive

  • Exploring National Wetland Condition Assessment Data Applications in State, Tribal, and Federal Programs

  • Floating Wetlands: From Natural to Novel Ecologies

  • From Mapping to Monitoring: Tracking Wetland Acres, Functions, Condition, and Significance in the Rocky Mountains

  • Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and Traditional Resource Management approaches in Ecological Restoration

  • Measuring wetland greenhouse gas fluxes: Novel methods, exchanging ideas, and informing management

  • Mountain Peatlands - perspectives from across the globe

  • Phytoremediation of Soil and Sediment in Wetlands

  • Regional Recovery of Wetlands in the Northern Tampa Bay Area: Scientific and Regulatory Perspectives

  • Remote Sensing of Wet Areas in Mountainous Regions

  • Stemming the deterioration of wetlands: good practice policy and management approaches

  • Sustaining wetland science in a time of political divisiveness and scientific skepticism: Diverse voices, transformative careers, and impactful communication

  • Wetland and floodplain plant functional ecology: applications for mitigating global change

  • Wetland Restoration and Creation: Case Studies and Lessons Learned

  • Wetlands and Climate Change: Science, Policy and Management 

  • Wetlands in the Anthropocene: The Response of Coastal Wetlands to Global and Local Stressors

  • Wetlands Management for Waterfowl & Its Myriad of Ecosystem Service

  • Working in Wetlands