• Advancing Large-Scale Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, USA - Chaired by Amy Jacobs

  • Applying Adaptive Management to Restoration of the Herring River Estuary - Chaired by Tim Smith

  • Climate Change Effects on Wetlands and Our Role in Mitigating and Adapting - Chaired by Tracy Quirk

  • Closing the permitting-mitigation-monitoring (PMM) loop: A focus on the Mid-Atlantic, USA - Chaired by Andy Baldwin

  • Coastal Peatlands in a Changing World - Chaired by Julie Talbot

  • Educating Current and Future Wetland Scientists - Chaired by Derek Faust

  • Female Leaders in Wetland Science and Policy - Chaired by Ariana Sutton-Grier

  • Five Decades of Environmental Protection; What Have We Learned? - Chaired by Kevin Erwin

  • Integrated Framework for Evaluating Wetland and Stream Compensatory Mitigation - Eric Stein

  • Integrating Innovative Technologies, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and Traditional Resource Management (TRM) for Restoring /Creating Resilient Wetlands for the Future - Chaired by Ben LePage

  • Invasiveness in Wetland Plants in Temperate North America: what have we learned in 20 years? - Chaired by Karin Kettenring

  • Overview of Key Global Wetland Issues - threats, challenges and solutions - Chaired by Matthew Simpson

  • The Critical Role of Wetlands in International Climate Solutions: Emerging Opportunities - Chaired by C. Max Finlayson

  • The Wetland Underground: Frank Day’s Contributions to Wetland Ecology, Belowground Ecology, and SWS - Chaired by Patrick Megonigal

  • Wetland Restoration and Creation Using Fine-Grained Dredged Sediments - Chaired by Jeffrey Cornwell

  • Wetlands and Wetland Wildlife of Concern - Chaired by Luke Eggering